how to find a lost dog

How to find a lost dog?

Four-legged friends live in the homes of many people. But the modern metropolis is not the most convenient environment for their life. Loud noise, harsh sounds, automobiles, and other animals are the main factors that can trigger your pet’s escape. Social media is full of animal searches, not to mention sad statistics. The American Humane […]

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lost Apple Watch

How to find a lost Apple Watch ?

Lost property problems are of concern to millions of people around the world. According to a survey by IKEA, we spend between 1 and 10 minutes a day looking for lost things around our homes, with an average person searching for their things for around 6 minutes a day. And the most frustrating thing is […]

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losing sometging

What to do when you are losing something?

The problems of forgetfulness and loss have existed for as long as the person himself. Everyone has lost something at least once in their life. Some people manage to hide the thing so that later it is impossible to remember where it is. And it happens that a working tool disappears as if by itself. […]

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laptop is lost

What to do if your laptop is lost or stolen?

Once you find that you have lost your laptop, you need to contact the police and leave a statement about its disappearance. And yet, this question cannot be solved in one sentence since there are other steps that are important to take when you do not know where your device is. Despite the severity of […]

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