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What to do when you are losing something?

The problems of forgetfulness and loss have existed for as long as the person himself. Everyone has lost something at least once in their life. Some people manage to hide the thing so that later it is impossible to remember where it is. And it happens that a working tool disappears as if by itself. Remembering where you put the thing is not an easy thing, especially if these are the keys to the apartment, and you urgently need to run to work. The global nature of the problem is too big to be avoided, and there are hot statistics to prove it:

  • 12.000 laptops lost weekly in U.S. airports
  • 120.000 phones lost yearly in taxicabs in Chicago alone
  • In general, people spent 4.5 hours searching for a TV controller every week

The list goes on, and, unfortunately, it will only grow. However, you can reduce the risks and protect your dear items if you take the necessary measures described in our short and useful article. Also, our editorial team decided to help in the search for lost things and have collected the most effective and time-tested methods for you. Do not forget to use each of our tips, and they will surely lead you to positive results from your searches!

The main three steps of finding your missing items

main steps of finding

First of all, we would like to say that these tips will not work for sure if you feel panic, which may ruin essential moments of your actions. Remember, peace of mind is the key to success. Therefore, if you have lost something, do not be nervous, as this will only aggravate a difficult situation. Try to distract for a short time by taking a break from work, postponing a phone call, or eliminating other stressful situations to find the strength to relax. 

Only then try to:

  • Concentrate. Try to remember the last time you saw the missing item. It is essential but more challenging to remember the last time you saw the lost item. But it would be helpful if you relied on replaying your route and retracing places you have visited recently. Of course, you may not immediately stumble upon the location of your missing item, but you will certainly narrow your search. The main thing is to create a list of places where you have seen it lately. And remember that if you find it difficult to imagine that you left your item in someplace, but you were there, then it is better to look there too.
  • Ask for help. Perhaps your friends saw how you put your thing in some place? Or can they give you new information that will bring you closer to solving the mystery about her whereabouts? Ask them and write down the responses received with approximate time slots. It will help you understand where you should start your search.
  • Use lost and found sites. Sometimes your missing item is not within your reach. Maybe you traveled and could have dropped it somewhere far from your current location. But for lost and found sites, this is by no means a problem. Their extensive search in a hundred or more countries is ready to help you find any item you have lost. It is enough to describe it and place an ad, as the site will search for you 24/7.

Top tips for resolving future situations with losing items

hidden object tips

It is enough not to lose an item in order to find it, but not everything is so simple. The main cause of our ailment is the dispersion caused by multitasking, sudden or stressful situations. However, its impact can be minimized with our advice, such as:

  • Be more mindful. Our brain often conserves its energy by doing things we are used to. However, things that are dear to us may be lost because we automatically put them in places that we do not remember. In reality, there are not so many such things, so it is quite realistic to concentrate attention on the action with them, especially when you say goodbye to your subject.
  • Remove the mess. Another reason for the loss of items can be cluttered places. Keeping things tidy and not placing too many items on the surface will make it much easier to spot an object that stands out from the background.
  • Use auxiliary things. It can be an online lost item locator that is paired with your phone. What if you lose your phone? Then just attach a bright and memorable sticker, case, or keychain to it. Alternatively, install appropriate location tracking apps. There are a lot of options, and the main thing is to choose the most suitable one for you!

Hopefully, we have answered your question about what to do when you are losing something. The loss of things is a common and familiar phenomenon. If something is missing, then you need to calm down and not search feverishly and get irritated. It is best to relax and use the proven methods described in our article.