how to find lost items in the house

How to find the lost items at your home?

Have you ever lost something at home? Imagine that one morning, you overslept, and you need to get to work on time. You are really fighting the clock, and every minute counts. You finally got out of home, and you can’t find the car keys. So, you could forget about the productive day. What would […]

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lost items in transport

Lost items in the transport

Have you ever lost something in transport? Probably, it is the worst place where you can lose your property. Until you realise that your item is lost, your trolleybus or tram might already drive away. What would you do in that case? It’s precisely a terrible feeling, furthermore, if we are talking about things, which […]

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how to find lost luggage

How to find the lost luggage

Can you realize your vacation by starting it with a portion of stress? Just imagine: you got off the plane, ordered a cup of coffee while dreaming about sleep after a shower. What an incredible feeling to realize that you deserved a two-week holiday full of pleasure and relaxation. Seemingly, nothing can ruin your vacation, […]

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how to find a lost wallet

Tips and tricks: How to find the lost wallet

Probably a wallet is the most valuable item that we used to carry around. A sudden loss of a wallet or any other object like a mobile phone or keys may cause many problems.  Have you ever lost a wallet full of cash and plastic cards? Don’t worry, stuff happens. Remember that you have many […]

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how to find lost jewelry

Follow these steps to find your lost jewelry!

It goes without saying that losing something causes a sinking feeling, especially if we are talking about valuable stuff. If you have ever lost something, you can get that annoying vibe, in particular when we are talking about someone’s presents. What would be your lover’‎s reaction to the fact that you lost your wedding ring? […]

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