How to not lose things

How to not lose things: easy methods to stay more organized

Pixie’s survey shows that more the 45% of us lose the remote controls to our TVs at least once a week — with 71% of us losing them monthly — making them by far the most misplaced item in the survey. But there are times when something more meaningful and dear to us is lost. During these moments, we experience incredibly unpleasant feelings. 

However, they can be avoided, and you need to stay more organized to do this. Few people connect these concepts because often, the organization helps save time on more important things. But in fact, these problems are closely related due to lack of attention to things, and very often they arise together, so getting rid of the main one you can defeat both of them.

You are late for work, although you can see it from the window, you constantly lose the things you need, from the eraser to your favorite jeans, and your room is often a mess? Well then, our article is definitely for you, as it will help you understand the main reasons related to the loss of things, briefly solving them and determining possible actions in the event of such situations occurring in the future. Use our actual home organization ideas, and you can surely be more attentive than before!

Why is it essential to be an organized person?

an organized person is important

The chaos that reigns in the head and the room is not as harmless as it seems at first glance. Of course, all people are different, and sometimes there is nothing wrong with creative confusion and spontaneity. But if this bothers you, makes you unhappy with yourself and stressed, then it is time to think about how to stay organized! How do you know if you need our home organization ideas?

Signs of disorganization:

  • You are constantly late.
  • You always put off everything for later, especially important decisions and things that you do not want to do.
  • You often lose things: the notes you need, your key, your phone, your clothes.
  • You do not have time to do everything that needs to be done.
  • You experience irritation, stress, and maybe even panic when you are in a hurry and rush around the apartment in search of necessary things.

Only when you understand how to stay organized will you be able not only not to be late but also not to lose anything. Being organized helps to simplify and streamline our life, as well as to become more self-confident — winning over ourselves, even in small things, will bring satisfaction. There is another bonus: when we succeed in one area of ​​our life, others automatically start to improve as well. The main thing is to start!

Top home organization ideas

Top home organization ideas

We strongly advise you to start by preparing the space in order to stay organized. Why? The point is, this is the easiest way to get started. Also, when things are in certain places, most of the problems will already be solved. Do once a “major” cleaning in the room and:

  • Get rid of unnecessary things and papers
  • Put everything in drawers and shelves
  • Leave only necessary items
  • Disassemble the wardrobe
  • Organize your desk, etc.

The list may differ from person to person. The main task is to minimize the space by getting rid of the excess. After doing the actions, try to maintain it – for example, do a small cleaning once a week. First, of course, you have to force yourself to put things in place. But over time, it will become much easier for you to do this.

Also, it worth trying to:

  • Create a list. The randomness of places in terms of items storage often makes it difficult to find them. Therefore, in order to fix problems with their disappearance, you should stay organized and stick to the same places. To do this, make a list of them. For example, keys: in a basket by the front door; smartphone: on the table near charging device; pen: in the top desk drawer; etc. This way, you will create the right discomfort when your things are in the wrong place, which will force you to stick to your list and not lose things.
  • Plan. This home organization idea can be done in different ways. For example, make a list of important things to do for the month. On the board, in the diary, in the planner application – any option convenient for you. It is also helpful to make a daily list, so you do not forget anything. Set reminders on your smartphone. Most importantly, push yourself to stick to your plans. This will help you stop getting ready in a hurry and therefore forgetting things.
  • Do everything in turn. It seems simple, but at the same time, it is unreal. For example, you can understand where you are going to put the keys, but suddenly your phone makes sharp sounds about a new message, and now you do not think about anything else but only how to answer the one who wrote. As a result, concentration is impaired, and you can not remember where you’ve put your keys. Therefore, it is best to move smoothly from one task to another and give up multitasking.

Lost items search methods

search methods

No matter how hard you try to stay organized and use our home organization ideas, you can still lose items. They do work, but they only reduce the likelihood of being lost. Therefore, it is important to know methods that will help you quickly find lost items. They include:

  • The use of special GPS navigators. If you are worried that you may lose your keys, phone, or other devices, it is enough to attach a GPS navigator. This way, you will always be aware of the location of your item. All you need to do is launch the application on your computer or phone to see the lost item on the map.
  • The utilizing of lost and found sites. With these types of sites, you can easily stay organized and quickly respond to missing items. You just need to post an ad in a few steps and wait for matches to be sent to your mail so as not to waste time on personal searches. Lost and found will help you find any item, no matter where you lost it, so this is the most effective way to improve your searches.

Our life is chaotic and presents unexpected situations, which is why we can often lose our guard and face cases of missing items. But as a rule of thumb, they can be minimized with the help of simple and effective home organization ideas described in our article. Also, do not forget to use our lost property search methods to be ready for such moments in advance and stay organized in the future.