how to find lost jewelry

Lost jewelry? Follow These Steps

It goes without saying that losing something causes a sinking feeling, especially if we are talking about valuable stuff. If you have ever lost something, you can get that annoying vibe, in particular when we are talking about someone’s presents. What would be your lover’‎s reaction to the fact that you lost your wedding ring? Don’t hurry to surf the internet for a new ring, because it can be returned to you today. Just pay attention to the instruction below.

What should I do when I lost my jewelry?

Firstly, you should understand that it’s not your fault. Try to mention where you can lose your ring or earring. It’s important because if your ring is under the sofa in your room there is no need to disturb the police. If you lost something at home, try to follow the instructions below.

Use your sense organs while searching for lost jewelry

When you lose something at home that item cant be decisively called “lost”, so don’t hurry to be disappointed. While looking for such small kinds of missing items, like gemstones, bring to attention that they are hard and sharp. Just use your bare feet and hands to find them. Even if you don’t find lost jewelry, you could find your children’s lost legos.

However be careful, don’t cause damage to your body. You may try your luck to find your ring this way in places where there is a thick carpet. Be careful, because a lost item can be hidden in the fibers and layers that are making it difficult to notice.

Diamonds sparkle, use a flashlight

Jewelry with gemstones has one feature that can help you to find it. Different diamonds and other gemstones are inherently shining and reflect light so you can easily find them by using your phone’s flashlight. If you lost your item somewhere outside, you would better go in search at night, when you will have a better chance of finding it.  

Check out all the possible places to find lost jewelry twice or more

Check out your clothes, your car, an office, and the bathroom twice. Check the clothes you were wearing when you saw a lost thing at last. Look closely at every fold and layer inside, because small items are used to hide there.

Loss of jewelry is a reason to tidy up your room

  • sweep the floor carefully with drawling fluent strokes and gather all of the mud in a pile
  • clean up your shower cabin and washbowl and check out the drain
  • don’t forget to look under furniture, almost everything that you lost at home can be there
  • remember, what we are searching for can be in front of your nose, so check out your workplace and places where you usually stay

Consider all the possible areas to find a lost jewelry

A gemstone may appear in a place, you do not expect it to find. So you need to increase your range of searching. Look carefully at each corner of your room, because your missing item can appear wherever possible. Ask your friends to help you with searching for lost items. Doubtless, one pair of eyes is good, but two or three pairs are better.

What to do when you lost your jewelry in public

how to find lost jewelry in public
  1. Firstly you should submit a police report. Do not exclude that someone can steal your property, so you need to file a claim.
  2. Mention your actions, try to restore in a memory where and when your ring or an earring can be. Ask your friends to help you to remind
  3. Get in touch with local merchants specializing in jewelry and contact the hock shops
  4. Post an ad online, offer a reward
  5. Surf the internet and check out the sites when the lost jewelry can be sold
  6. Be patient, because a lost-and-found procedure is usually a long-term process

Find lost jewelry with lost-and-found websites

Don’t worry, because you can double your chances to find your missing jewelry by posting an ad online. Have you ever seen our site before? We help people from different countries to help them to find what they lost. So, if you are there, it’s exactly the right time to help you. Choose the best image of your lost item, describe it properly, and wait for the reply of the site’s ‎visitors. 

Don’t forget to check the page where people post found items. Use the filters, choose the right category and start your discovery. We wish you successful searching!

By the way, that way to find something will be the safest in connection with quarantine. Stay home, don’t lose anything, and don’t get sick in the meantime!

In spite of all the stuff that happens in your life, remember that jewelry is only a simple thing. Your loved one will love you the same as before, even if you lost a symbol of his or her love.