lost items in transport

Lost items in the transport

Have you ever lost something in transport? Probably, it is the worst place where you can lose your property. Until you realise that your item is lost, your trolleybus or tram might already drive away. What would you do in that case?

It’s precisely a terrible feeling, furthermore, if we are talking about things, which we use every day. It’s almost impossible to return your lost items immediately, so try to be patient. 

Doubtless, there is no guarantee that you will return your missing item, but we know what to do if you lost something in the transport, look for the info below.

What should I do when I lost something in transport?

The most important rule that applies to all the possible cases of losing something is not to waste your time. The sooner you start searching, the easier you find.

To help yourself find your lost item, you should remember where it can be missed. Try to recover in memory where and when you saw your lost item last, to know which institutions you should contact. It depends on the type of transport (bus, trolleybus, plane, train or tram).

If you lost your item on the bus/trolleybus or tram

In that case, you need to check a tram or bus fleet. After checking the salon of the bus, a driver or conductor always brings the lost items to the dispatching service. All the lost-and-found objects are recorded in a particular log.

  • Visit a bus/tram fleet. Don’t waste your time and visit or contact a transport fleet as soon as possible. You need to properly explain where and when you lost your stuff and not forget to call the route number. If you don’t have an opportunity to visit the dispatching service, you can call the hotline. You can look for the number on the official site of the carrier.
  • What to do if your property is found? You are lucky if the bus fleet worker found your lost item, and you need only to come personally there to file a report. A worker of the dispatching service can advise you on how to file a report correctly. To prove your rights to the possession of the object, a worker of the bus or tram fleet can ask you to describe your lost item in detail (for instance, colour, size, special features). 
  • Try all the possible variants of searching. If your item was not found, don’t worry. Try all the possible ways to find it, post ads outside (at the places where it is allowed to do), look for your lost item online. If your missing property is not in the bus fleet, and you can’t find your lost item anywhere and have no idea what to do later, visit the lost-and-found sites. You can boost your searching process by signing up on Lostify because someone can be your potential saviour. Just imagine, that someone was with you on the same bus, and posted an ad with your lost item here.

Lost and found in the airport

lost items in the plane

Have you ever lost something on the plane or at the airport? Maybe your tiny chain fell from your neck under the seat place, or you missed your bags on the baggage carousel? Remember, you are not alone. All the possible problems are predicted, and the airport’s service is always ready to help you, even compensate your lost money(in case you lost something through the carrier’s fault). People used to find their missing stuff at the local lost and found by contacting the airport luggage office in most cases.

As for lost and found things in the airport, sometimes your searching process can become more difficult because it may be necessary to contact a different country’s carrier if we talk about international flights.

So, get to the point, if you lost something in the airport you should:

  1. Contact the airport luggage office and file a report. Don’t waste your time because you have only a couple of hours to inform about your missing property. Specify an identification number from your tickets carefully, ask for a copy of your claim. It is necessary if you want to receive compensation for your missing items. Also, you need to save the tickets. It can be useful to write down the observation number to have an opportunity to check out updates about your loss. 
  2. Visit a police station. If your stuff were stolen, an airport service probably wouldn’t help you. You need to visit the police station and inform them about theft by claiming a report. 
  3. Get in touch with the local lost and found. If you didn’t find your property between the lost and found things in the airport, you need to get in touch with the nearest lost-and-found office. 

Searching for lost and found items in the airport on Lostify

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It never hurts to try this way to be reunited with your loss.

Lost and found bags in a train

lost items in the train

When we travel, we usually visit new cities and countries, where we can’t act and orient like a duck to water. In your home town, you know where you can buy something cheaper, where you should go if you lost something, right? What would you do if you lost your bags on a train?

Breathe in and out; we know how to help you. 

  1. Contact the carrier and file a search form. You can do it as you feel comfortable, call the hotline, or claim a report online. Hurry up cause your lost bag on a train can be transported from the station where you lose it to another institution, like local lost-and-found. To not waste your time, you’d better check the info on the transportation company’s site about the expiration time of lost items, customer support, and other useful information.

Don’t forget to describe your lost item in detail to prove yourself as a true owner while claiming a report. To get your property back, you need only to show a valid ID.

  1. As in other cases, claim a police report. As you realise, your bag can be stolen. Even if no one stole your missing property, it is necessary to tell the police about it cause someone can bring your lost item there. Tip for the future — don’t pack anything valuable. 
  2. Alternative ways of finding lost property. There are a lot of ways to find a lost item, and it depends on its type. For example, if you lost your mobile phone, you can ask your mobile operator to track it. Simultaneously, in case of losing any kind of documents, you need to request new ones.
  3. Search online. A lot of people are looking for their different lost items online. It doesn’t matter, were it lost bags in a train or a missing ring at the restaurant. A lot of people worldwide are successfully reuniting with their lost objects every day. Do you want to be one of them? Register, post an ad and wait for the feedback.

By the way, it doesn’t matter, if you’ve lost something, or found, always act appropriately. If you catch out something, it doesn’t mean that your ship comes in. You should realise that your fortune causes someone’s misfortune. Try to do the best you can, and maybe one time, someone will help you return your stuff.

Don’t try to leave found stuff to yourself because there is a thin line between the concepts “found” and “stole.”